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Our Programs

UC San Diego students in a workshop

Basic Needs

Food Security Gift Card Program

  • Thanks to the support of the UC San Diego Basic Needs Committee, Undocumented Student Services is able to provide our undocumented AB 540 students Kroger Grocery Cards and Triton Cash to support their food security for the 2019–2020 academic year.

  • In order to be considered for the program, students must complete an online assessment form. Based on the result of the assessment, students may be offered Kroger Grocery Cards, Triton Cash Cards, or a combination of both.

  • Each card has a value of $25. Students may be eligible for up to $75 in assistance per every 30 days. 

  • This program is for UC San Diego AB540/Dream Act students. Students who do not meet these qualifications should visit the Basic Needs Hub for support accessing other equitable programs.

  • Submit an Basic Needs gift card application

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Dream Fellowship Program

  • The Dream Fellowship Program is an experiential learning program through Undocumented Student Services at the UC San Diego. Through experiential learning, undocumented students gain skills that will prepare them for graduate school or career pathways.

  • Students selected as recipients of the fellowship are responsible for seeking a mentor and learning opportunity for an academic year. A quarterly $1,500 scholarship is provided — up to $4,500 in scholarship funds for an academic year. In addition, professional development opportunities will be hosted by Career Services and Undocumented Student Services.

  • Applications for the program will be announced on our Facebook page when available.

Student Intern Program

  • Under the guidance of professional staff, the USS Intern program offers a one-year internship that focuses on developing student’s leadership and project management skills through direct field experience in the areas of Media and Marketing, Policy and Advocacy, Early Outreach, Student Retention, Professional Development, and Legal Services , all within the context of higher education. 

  • During their internships, students become fully immersed in all aspects of USS programs and services while working on an individual project under the supervision of professional staff and with the support of other interns.

  • Applications will be available through the Handshake Portal at the beginning of the spring quarter.

Legislative Advocacy Program

  • The Legislative Advocacy Program focuses on developing student’s ability to represent themselves and their community on a legislative level. Over the course of two quarters, students learn how to advocate for their community, effectively lead discussions and elevate professional goals. LAP consists of two culminating components: On-Campus Immigrant Day and Off-Campus Immigrant Day of Action. 

  • For both on and off campus, the bulk of the program consists of students attending training sessions, educational trips and networking events. 

  • Participating students may complete an application that is due and evaluated fall quarter. Winter and spring quarters are dedicated to program activities.