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UC San Diego Undocumented Student Services logo on blue and gold background

Commitment to Our Students

Undocumented Student Services is committed to serving undocumented students at UC San Diego through a holistic approach that encompasses personal guidance, immigration legal services, community building, partnerships, and referrals.

Our programs and services are designed to help students overcome obstacles that arise from their immigration status and support them through personal and academic excellence.

Our Vision

Success and upward mobility of all undocumented students pursuing higher education.

Our Mission

To cultivate an inclusive and engaging environment through systemic change and provide holistic support through equitable programs that enhance the matriculation, retention, and post-graduation success of all undocumented students at UC San Diego.

Our Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles encompass our philosophies as a unit and ultimately create a culture of collaboration, inclusivity, and empowerment.

  • Student Development
  • Student-Developed
  • Student-Centered
  • Foster Community
  • Innovative Programs
  • Accessible High-Impact Practices
  • Data-Driven Practices
  • Anti-Racist Practices
  • International Solidarity

Our Commitments to Dismantling Anti-Blackness

To view our full commitments and the Student Success Program's commitments click here.


Communication Climate/Culture Curriculum
  • Actively and purposefully invite Black student community to engage in USS community events.
  • Promote Black student initiatives through USS channels and space.
  • Promote content that highlights intersecting identities of undocumented Black students through USS channels and space.
  • Demonstrate support for the Black community by sharing other relevant multimedia content through USS channels and space.
  • Adapt USS Community Guidelines (for physical and digital spaces) to create stronger “house rules,” promoting a zero-tolerance policy for racism, sexism, and prejudice. Incorporate this within our newsletter once per month as a reminder.


Privilege and Preferences Systems- Hiring


Professional Development
  • Purposefully promote internship and volunteer opportunities with Black student communities and campus spaces. 
  • Whenever possible, contract/purchase from small, minority-owned businesses.
  • Purposefully conduct annually an evaluation of the unit’s efforts to dismantle anti-Blackness on campus. 
  • Identify training and developmental opportunities for staff on matters related to anti-racism, anti- Blackness, and intersectionality.
  • Engage in recurring conversations with student staff on social justice issues impacting the Black, undoc, LGBTQ+ community; assign/encourage readings or documentaries that promote discussion and critical thinking.